Welcome and thank you for visiting my site.  I'm Imogen, a Yoga and Meditation teacher based in Brixton, South East London. I've enjoyed a decade long yoga practice and as well as teaching, I work in the arts as a textile artist. 


My work spreads across several mediums including drawing, painting and the physical body.  Gesture, shape, line, and form guide me visually and physically.  I believe an artistic and yogic practice come from the same creative source, each stoking the fire of the other.

I came to practice yoga as a moving meditation to help me to focus, manage stress and improve mental health that was under pressure in the creative industries.  With desire to assist others on their path to overall wellbeing, my classes are welcoming and meditative, placing emphasis on the breath to encourage appreciation of the present moment, acceptance and flow.


My aim is to facilitate the development of the individual within the spirit of optimal living, building strength and mobility, whilst prioritising safe and functional movement.  I am also forever a student, and am grateful for the insight of those that practice with me and for the honour to share this transformative practice.


Practicing Yoga with one of my drawings behind.  Geometric Abstraction, Charcoal on paper