Get Ready for Class

My welcoming classes run on the backbone of 'Non Judgemental Awareness'.  Always challenging and often sweaty, together we do the deep work and get to know ourselves more clearly in a compassionate and understanding way.  The doors are open to beginners and advanced yogis alike. 


Any questions?  Shoot me an email at

Class Set Up

  • Bring along your yoga or exercise mat and yourself, that's it! Useful optional props include a blanket (or towels), a couple of blocks (or thick books), a bolster (or cushion) and a strap (or tie).

  •  Place your mat on sturdy ground in a spacious, safe space you can fit the length of your mat.

  • If space allows, place your streaming device to your left (when you would be in downward facing dog), as this allows for us to see one another better.


  • An optional Spotify playlist is available to listen to under the name of our class.  Better sound quality can be found by listening through a second device to the one you are streaming.

  • After your mic is placed on mute, hit play on your music and relax whilst we wait for any others to arrive.

  • Our classes are taken online via the web conferencing app Zoom.  Video is encouraged and optional.​

  • For improved sound quality, attendee mics are muted during class.  Please use the chat box, or turn on your mic if you would like to get my attention.

  • I am available before and after class to answer any questions and provide support.

  • Class teachings are recorded for On Demand playback.  Rest assured, class attendees are not recorded.

  • If you need to leave early, no problem.  You can drop a message in the chat if you would like to say bye, and be mindful to move carefully after you leave to give your body time to settle.