Yoga for Desk Health

Massage the Legs

Release the fascia in the legs to increase flexibility and improve recovery after working out or sitting at a desk.

Quick Release of the Hips

Stretch our your hips, particularly useful after sitting at a desk.


Shoulders and Wrists

Techniques that can be used to aid recovery of the posture and pain points from working at a desk.

Shoulders and Back Desk Stretch

6 Minute break to Stretch out the shoulders and the upper back whilst at the desk.


Neck Stretch and Meditation

6 Min Neck stretch and meditation.

Upper Back Desk Stretch w/ Strap

6 Minute break to Stretch out the upper back whilst at the desk, using a strap for assistance.

Foot & Back Massage at the Desk

Using a ball and a brick, we massage the feet, the back , and take a nice deep stretch out.

Full Body Desk Yoga

Full body stretch and light strength workout that can be taken right at the desk in 16 minutes.

Desk Yoga for Stress Relief

Gentle Stretches to relieve stress and relax.